September 14th, 2020

Autumn Ramsey at Crèvecoeur

Artist: Autumn Ramsey

Venue: Crèvecoeur, Paris

Exhibition Title: Autumn Ramsey 2

Date: September 4 – October 10, 2020

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Images courtesy of Crèvecoeur, Paris. Photos by Tom Van Eynde.

Press Release:

Autumn Ramsey’s practice addresses the construction of social identity and difference – specifically the cultural inclination to often look at the surface of things without consideration for what lies beyond that which is immediately seen. Her work plays with logic in ways that supports communicative language while also deeply subverting it. In both scenarios, she asks viewers to follow seemingly innocuous, even ridiculous signs into a realm of circumstances that challenge common beliefs and examine bias. In the process, she reveals the deeper character of her practice.

Ramsey’s work has consistently addressed cultural and psychological issues in a personal language that is often framed by art historical and mythological analogies. This exhibition continues that query and may be seen as addressing both an attentiveness to the temporal body and the illusion and allure of control.

For example, Garden, 2019, addresses life’s metaphor as an abundance of natural beauty and diversity, a complex system of interconnected elements and perceptions that is by its nature unwieldy and beyond control. The unmarked but discernable serpentine form in the center of the painting suggests a physical manifestation or break with this whole but Ramsey leaves the identification of that form or forms open to interpretation by the viewer.

In other paintings, Ramsey focuses more specifically on a multiplicity of identities, perspectives and relationships. From the conceit of “self-portraits” like The Front, 2018, and Front Also, 2019, to the patterns for cultural marking of identity with an indelible design as depicted in Floral Flash, 2019, to the sympathetic and introspective The Nature of Animals, and its seeming counterpart The Nature of Animals II, both 2019, the combination of works offers an emotional and often fantastical refection on identity and the sensual body. While each painting is its own discrete expression, it is the collective space they occupy as a whole that is the subject of Ramsey’s work and suggests that there is an implied understanding in the changing nature of personal orientation that resonates with each of us.

Autumn Ramsey (born in 1976 in United States) lives and works in Chicago. This will be her second solo exhibition at the gallery.

Link: Autumn Ramsey at Crèvecoeur

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