September 27th, 2020

Samuel Jeffery, Flora Klein at Christian Andersen

Artists: Samuel Jeffery, Flora Klein

Venue: Christian Andersen, Copenhagen

Date: August 26 – October 3, 2020

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Images courtesy of Christian Andersen, Copenhagen. Photos by Malle Madsen.

Press Release:

If we were to imagine that there is only one colour, and if we were to try to entirely sympathise with this colour, and therefore enter into it – as opposed to perceive it from the exterior – we would sense ourselves caught in a continuity between it’s darkest and it’s lightest shade. And, as we further continue this effort, the entire colour spectrum beneath us would begin to unfold.

Onto the gallery’s opposing walls, additional walls have been affixed. Artworks have been installed on and around these interventions — which identify in full as neither work nor institution. By placing emphasis here, an attempt has been made to interfere with the separation between things, allowing them, by turns, to conflate and divide, dilate and contract.

Link: Samuel Jeffery, Flora Klein at Christian Andersen

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