October 10th, 2020

Matthew Langan-Peck at Édouard Montassut

Artist: Matthew Langan-Peck

Venue: Édouard Montassut, Paris

Exhibition Title: Four Ways, l’amour gagne

Date: September 11 – October 24, 2020

Note: A sound work from the exhibition can be found here Red/Green Problem, 21 mins loop, 2020

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Images courtesy of Édouard Montassut, Paris. Photos by Gina Folly.

Press Release:

Édouard Montassut is pleased to present Four Ways, l’amour gagne, an exhibition of new work by Matthew Langan-Peck. The exhibition, which is the artist’s second at the gallery, was scheduled to open one week after the Easter holiday but was postponed due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Langan-Peck’s previous presentation, in September of 2016, enlisted nearly ten inflatable and bent nail sculptures to take aim at notions of American heteropatriotism and the family values it enforces. Despite this effort, shortly after the exhibition’s close Donald Trump won the United States presidential election; a surprise victory that has destroyed relationships, disrupted notions of linear political progress, and destabilized the American democracy. Now, on the eve of another high-stakes election, Langan-Peck seems to sing a different tune.

The gallery’s courtyard entrance welcomes visitors with an homage to a viral political yard sign that begins with the phrase “IN THIS HOUSE WE BELIEVE:”. Inside, four large eggs are casually scattered into the corners of the room. The eggs are painted in a range of colors—one is a gorgeous pearlescent white, another a naturalistic freckled brown, and two in the back don exuberant patterns drawn from an American holiday craft blog. Is the organizing principle a collection of political ideals? A symbolic narrative? A study in contrasts? These questions spoil the meditative atmosphere of the room. The eggs rest quietly in low light, seeming to turn away and loop inward. Problems of transmission—intention, messaging, and impact—lie at their hollow core.

Matthew Langan-Peck (b. 1988, US) lives and works in New York. Recent exhibitions include: Arrows, Francesca Pia, Zurich (curated by Eva Svennung), 2020 ; Avengers: Someone Left the Cake Out In the Rain, Reena Spaulings, Los Angeles, 2019 ; Dicke Luft, Galerie Bernhard, Zurich (curated by Tenzing Barshee), 2019 ; CONDO New York hosting dépendance, Brussels, Queer Thoughts, New York, 2019 ; Mercy Pictures, Auckland, New Zealand, 2019 ; Doyers, New York (organized by Michael Callies), 2018 ; Sancho Panza, Oracle, Berlin, 2018.

Link: Matthew Langan-Peck at Édouard Montassut

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