December 28th, 2020

Cécile B. Evans at La Salle de Bains

Artist: Cécile B. Evans

Venue: La Salle de Bains, Lyon

Exhibition Title: Studies for a Series of Adaptations of Giselle

Date: October 7 -31, November 9-15, December 9-31, 2020

Note: A text from the exhibition is available here along with credits here.

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Images courtesy of the artist and La Salle de Bains, Lyon. Photos by Jesús Alberto Benítez.

Press Release:

Cécile B. Evans (Belgian-American, lives and works in London) practice
deals with the shifting values of humanity as it comes into contact with
physical, ideological, and technological structures. Their work takes
place across multiple formats such as film, installation, sculpture, and
performance, and most recently proposes blueprints for the rebellion of
emotion against existing and future systems emerging from these

Studies for an Adaptation of Giselle is part of an ongoing adaptation of
the Industrial-era ballet Giselle as an eco-feminist thriller that aims
to present non-linearity and multiplicity as strategies for survival.
Across three “rooms” for the duration of Evans’ exhibition at La Salle
de Bains, the artist opens up the research, development, and
experimentation behind the first two phases of this complex process. The
first room acts as an extension of the materials shared with different
specialists and performers as they worked together towards the
production of an experimental screen test for a future film. These
storyboards, images references, and musical experiments are presented to
the audience in a both a future and past tense using archival display
formats. The second room is a one week screening of the resulting video
and first adaptation phase, A Screen Test for an Adaptation of Giselle
(produced in 2019 with the support of Balmain). The third room
introduces key elements from a second adaptation phase, the polymorphic
performance installation Notations for an Adaptation of Giselle
(commissioned by Caroline Ferreira for the MOVE 2020 festival at Centre
Pompidou): a script, an animation sequence, a completed score, and
objects central to the installation’s development. Studies for an
Adaptation of Giselle lays out multiple temporalities and a network of
efforts, as an opportunity for the artist to share crucial moments in
the formation of this long-duration adaptation. This is done intuitively
for the audience in ways that fluctuate between transparency and
opacity, while avoiding the often painful process of articulating a body
of work that is not yet (and may never be) complete.

Link: Cécile B. Evans at La Salle de Bains

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