December 14th, 2020

Group Show at TOKAS

Artists: Bas Jan Ader, Mary Ann Aitken, COBRA, Rafael Delacruz, Hélène Fauquet, Fuyumi Murata, Nanami Hori, Tom Humphreys, Benjamin Asam Kellog, Jonas Lipps, Quintessa Matranga, Ariane Müller, Koji Nakano, Lukas Quietzsch, Chadwick Rantanen, Sophie Reinhold, Trevor Shimizu, Richard Sides, Philipp Simon, Michael E. Smith

Venue: TOKAS, Tokyo

Exhibition Title: Tokas Project Vol. 3 Tokyo Detroit Berlin

Date: October 10 – November 8, 2020

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Michael E. Smith, Untitled, 2020, single channel HD video N/A. Edition of 10.

Images courtesy of TOKAS, Tokyo

Press Release:

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture are carrying out this exhibition as part of the Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL. Ever since it opened in 2001, Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS) has continued to collaborate with international artists, curators, arts centers, and cultural organizations to produce exhibitions and pioneer related programs. TOKAS Project, which began in 2018, aims to shine a contemplative light on the arts, society, and other themes from multicultural perspectives. In its third iteration, TOKAS Project Vol. 3, we collaborate with artist and director of XYZcollective, COBRA to introduce the art community of today in Tokyo, Detroit, and Berlin through the exhibition Tokyo Detroit Berlin. We introduce the exhibition and artists in this press release.

Instead of art museums and other public institutions, the exhibition focuses on international exchanges among private and independent art spaces and artist-run space, etc. and introduces the activities of each entity and their selected artists at the TOKAS Hongo. The exhibition will be held in collaboration with COBRA, who is an artist who participated in Tokyo Wonder Site (now TOKAS) Residency program 2010, and then he opened the XYZcollective artist-run space in Tokyo based on the experience of a different kind of art community abroad. The exhibition will draw a picture of the current art community in Tokyo, Detroit, and Berlin by featuring art spaces from each city and their sellected artists, and will promote interexchange and discussions.



Participated in the Tokyo – Melbourne TWS Exchange Residency Program in 2010 and TEAM 15 MIHOKANNO Hello! MIHOKANNO, TWS Shibuya, 2009, and more.

Born in Chiba in 1981. Lives and works in Tokyo. Graduated with BA in Craft from Tama Art University in 2005. COBRA participated in the TWS Residency program in 2010, spending three months in Melbourne. In 2011, he opened the XYZcollective artist-run space and has been the representative director. Absurd events are the subject-matter of the artist’s humorous video creations. Recent exhibitions: life and limbs Swiss Institute Contemporary Art New York, 2019, The Museum Fig, Tokyo, 2019, COBRA SOLO SHOW, For Seasons, Zurich, 2019


Schiefe Zähne(Berlin)

Director: Hannes Schmidt

Schiefe Zähne is an art space located on the ground level of a former workshop behind a residential building in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

The director’s comment about the exhibition: The exhibited works develop various perspectives on the self and the other(s), between self-perception, constructions and relations of self(s) in the context of mediated images, as much as reflections on subjectivity in a rapidly changing political and economic environment.

Artists: Lukas Quietzsch, Richard Sides, Philipp Simon, Tom Humphreys, Hélène Fauquet Ariane Müller, Jonas Lipps, Sophie Reinhold


What Pipeline (Detroit)

Directors: Daniel Sperry Alivia Zivich

What Pipeline is an artist-run gallery, founded in Detroit in 2013, and has presented artists and collectives both in the United States and overseas.

The directors’ comment about the exhibition: What Pipeline presents three artists. The work of these artists is tied together by the spirit of individual looking, and a perspective filtered by humor, anxiety, and even joy.

Artists: Mary Ann Aitken, Michael E. Smith, Quintessa Matranga


XYZcollective (Tokyo)

Directors: COBRA, MIYAGI Futoshi

In 2011, three directors began operating the XYZcollective artistrun space in a warehouse which they renovated in Setagaya, Tokyo. The space is now based in Sugamo, Tokyo. The collective has been actively building international networks.

The director’s comment about the exhibition: Although humor can include elements of the absurd, the absurd is not necessarily guaranteed to make us laugh. In fact, it can perplex us at times. Is it okay to laugh at this? Or is it not? When we feel fear or find ourselves being at a scary situation, we sometimes inadvertently laugh. We explore the border of humor and other emotions at this exhibition.

Artists: Bas Jan Ader, Trevor Shimizu, Koji Nakano, Nanami Hori, Chadwick Rantanen, COBRA


4649 (Tokyo)

Directors: Yuhei Kobayashi, Shogo Shimizu, and Yuu Takamizawa

4649 is a curatorial project by three directors. In addition to introducing the international art scene through exhibitions, the project is also working on introducing young artists from Tokyo at art fairs and galleries overseas.

The directors’ comment about the exhibition: Each director chose a fellow artist who is connected in some way to our own respective artistic research theme as three pairings: Shimizu and Kellogg, Kobayashi and Murata, and Takamizawa and Delacruz. We would like to introduce common perspectives among the artist who were born around 1990 and have been living in different places with great distance. We also show the direction of our the direction of our own artist-run space.

Artists: Benjamin Asam Kellogg, Rafael Delacruz, Fuyumi Murata


Link: Group Show at TOKAS

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