Alison Veit

August 26th, 2018

“Kiss in Tears” at Freedman Fitzpatrick


Artists: COBRA, Kenji Ide, Cooper Jacoby, Soshiro Matsubara, Futoshi Miyagi, Alexandra Noel, Naoki Sutter-Shudo, Alison Veit

Venue: Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles

Exhibition Title: Kiss in Tears

Curated by: XYZ Collective

Date: July 19 – August 18, 2018

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August 12th, 2016

“WACKing the Piñata” at ltd los angeles

Anja Salonen

Artists: Jennifer Chan, Mira Dancy, Debora Delmar Corp., Cédric Fargues, Mariah Garnett, Rachel Mason, Anja Salonen, Tschabalala Self, Alison Veit

Venue: ltd los angeles

Exhibition Title: WACKing the Piñata

Date: July 8 – August 13, 2016

Note: A publication associated with the exhibition is available for download here.

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"WACKing the Piñata" at ltd los angeles

Débora Delmar Corp

Alison Veit

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March 1st, 2015

“Rainbow” at Queer Thoughts

Donna Huanca

Artists: Kaoru Arima, Diamond Antoinette Stingily, Lucie Stahl, Chelsea Culp, Martine Syms, Horseshoecrabs Horseshoecrabs, Dot Space, David Rappeneau, Margot Espinoza, Donna Huanca, Alison Veit, Puppies Puppies, Horseshoecrabs Horseshoecrabs, Lulou Margarine, Mindy Rose Schwartz, Rob Halverson, Chloe Seibert, Jared Madere

Venue: Queer Thoughts, San Juan del Sur; La Virgen; San Jose de los Remates, Nicaragua

Exhibition Title: Rainbow

Dates: January, 2015

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"Rainbow" at Queer Thoughts

Jared Madere

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