Dora Budor

December 5th, 2020

Group Show at Kevin Space

Artists: Helin Alas, Anna-Sophie Berger, Gerry Bibby & Henrik Olesen, Dora Budor, Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda, Jason Hirata, Bradley Kronz, Carolyn Lazard, Win McCarthy, Ser Serpas, Marina Sula

Venue: Kevin Space, Vienna

Exhibition Title: The Phantom Moves Through Space And Through Different Bodies

Date: October 22 – December 6, 2020

Curated By: Franziska Sophie Wildförster

Note: Exhibition booklet available here.

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August 13th, 2019

AR: Jason Hirata at Kunstverein Nürnberg

2 Matt Browning, Lucas Quigley, Levi Easterbrooks, Jason Hirata, Alex Bienstock

Artists: Lutz Bacher, Alex Bienstock, Matt Browning, Dora Budor, Levi Easterbrooks, Jim Fletcher, Saidiya Hartman, Debbe Hirata, Jason Hirata, Adam Khalil, Zack Khalil, Pope.L, Jason Loebs, Jordan Lord, Balthazar Lovay, Zoey Marks, Park McArthur, Vreni Naess, No Total, Jackson Polys, Lucas Quigley, Nick Raffel, Carissa Rodriguez, Noam Segal, Knut Olaf Sunde

Venue: Kunstverein Nürnberg

Exhibition Title: 25 OCTOBER, 2015 — 12 MAY, 2019

Date: March 1 – May 26, 2019

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Originally Posted: May 23rd, 2019

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