Gili Tal

August 23rd, 2019

AR: Gili Tal at Cabinet


Artist: Gili Tal

Venue: Cabinet, London

Exhibition Title: Civic Virtues

Date: October 5 – November 10, 2018

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Originally Posted: November 9th, 2018

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June 29th, 2019

Group Show at Stadtgalerie Bern

Gili Tal

Artists: Marc Asekhame, Ilya Lipkin, Richard Sides, Gili Tal

Venue: Stadtgalerie Bern

Exhibition Title: Emotion Is an Unlimited Resource

Date: May 24 – June 29, 2019

Note: A text associated with the exhibition written by Gili Tal is available for download here. A poster is available for download here.

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Richard Sides

Ilya Lipkin

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