Lin May Saeed

December 14th, 2019

NADA Miami 2019

Yu Nishimura at KAYOKOYUKI Courtesy KAYOKOYUKI, Tokyo

Our selections from NADA Miami 2019 can be viewed as a slideshow including individual works and booths from throughout the fair or by using the links to documentation of full booths below:

Mattea Perrotta at Et al. 

Masanori Tomita, Yu Nishimura, Yutaka Nozawa at KAYOKOYUKI

Ben Echeverria at Parisa Kind

Cassidy Toner, Elliott Jamal Robbins, Steffani Jemison, Ben Morgan-Cleveland at Kai Matsumiya

Emily Ludwig Shaffer at L’INCONNUE

Elise Ferguson at Halsey McKay

Kathia St.Hilaire at Derek Eller

Zach Meisner, Michael Madrigali, Chloe Seibert at MICKEY

Michelle Grabner, Mari Eastman, Sky Hopinka at The Green Gallery 

Anna Schachinger at Sophie Tappeiner

Max Brand, Markus Ebner, Lin May Saeed, Lea von Wintzingerode at Jacky Strenz

Martin Soto Climent, Gina Beavers, Dona Nelson, Anthony Burdin at Michael Benevento

Al Freeman, Anna Weyant, Cynthia Talmadge, Kunle Martins, LaKela Brown, Richard Tinkler at 56 Henry

Willa Wasserman at Downs & Ross

Shikeith at ltd los angeles

Leilah Babirye at Gordon Robichaux

Farley Aguilar at Lyles & King

Takashi Yasumura, Miki Mochizuka, Richard Aldrich, J. Parker Valentine, Naotaka Hiro, Shimon Minamikawa at MISAKO & ROSEN

Aaron Gilbert at Lulu


August 9th, 2019

AR: Lin May Saeed at Jacky Strenz


Artist: Lin May Saeed

Venue: Jacky Strenz, Frankfurt

Exhibition Title: Girl with Cat

Date: May 10 – July 15, 2019

Note: A text associated with the exhibition written by Birgit Mütherich can be downloaded here.

Click here to view slideshow

Originally Posted: June 26th, 2019

Note: This entry is part of August Review, our annual look back at this season’s key exhibitions. For more information, see the announcement here.